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  • Celebrations, festivals & events in Mauritius

Celebrations, festivals & events in Mauritius

27 Mar 2024


All year round, the enchanting setting of Mauritius vibrates to the rhythm of the various celebrations held here.The perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in an authentic, festive and emotionally-charged atmosphere. 

The island's festivities have a unique flavour, thanks to the incredible melting pot of cultures, ethnic groups and religions that coexist harmoniously.

The different types of events in Mauritius

Cultural, traditional, religious, sporting, popular... Discover the different types of events taking place in Mauritius.

Religious holidays and rituals

In Mauritius, many religions coexist peacefully: Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists... Mauritian religious festivals are the perfect reflection of this diversity of beliefs and traditions. Some are public, others more intimate.

Thaipoosam Cavadee

Celebrated on the full moon of January or February in honor of Shiva's son, the God Muruga, Thaipoosam Cavadee is a Tamil festival. After 10 days of prayer and fasting, pilgrims head for the Tamil temples (the local Kovils), equipped with cavadee, wooden structures decorated with flowers, leaves, Considered one of the island's most spectacular events, the Thaipoosam Cavadee marks the end of a ten-day fast, during which devotees devote themselves to soul purification, prayer and penance.


Ugadi, also known as New Year's Day, marks the beginning of the new year (in April) for the Telegoue community. A week before, houses are thoroughly cleaned and decorated with garlands of mango leaves and rangolis. The ceremony begins with prayers at the temple, followed by a convivial family lunch and cultural performances.

Divali Festival

Celebrated in October or November, Divali (Diwali) is considered one of the most important Hindu festivals. It celebrates the victory of Rama over Ravana, i.e. the victory of good (light) over evil (darkness). As night falls, Hindu families light traditional lamps in front of their homes and decorate them with garlands of light. During this festival of lights, Mauritian Hindu families also exchange cakes with their relatives and neighbors in a joyous atmosphere.


Divali sur l'esplanade d'Anbalaba à Baie du Cap
Divali celebration on the Anbalaba esplanade in Baie du Cap with village children

Maha Shivratree

Maha Shivratree, also known as the "Great Night of Shiva", is the biggest pilgrimage for the Mauritian Hindu community. For several days, in February or March depending on the year, pilgrims - dressed in white - walk towards the Grand Bassin (the Ganga Taloa or sacred lake) carrying Kanwars, wooden or bamboo arches covered with flowers, bells or mirrors. The pilgrimage ends with a night of prayers to honor the god Shiva.


Known worldwide as the "Festival of Colors", Holi symbolizes the victory of good over evil and marks the arrival of spring. During this festival, participants throw colored powders and tinted water at each other to wish each other good luck. The day before, bonfires are lit on the island. It's a festive, convivial and lively occasion.

Holi with part of the Anbalaba team 

Ganesh Chaturthi

Celebrated every August or September by the Hindu community, this major religious festival honors the memory of the famous elephant-headed god, Ganesh. On this occasion, the Marathi community parade through the streets with statues of Ganesh, then take them to the beach to be immersed in the sea before sunset. Dances, songs and prayers punctuate this colorful parade.

Spring festival or Chinese new year

Spring Festival is the most important festivity for the Chinese community in Mauritius. It's Chinese New Year. During this nocturnal celebration, which generally takes place in late January or early February, the streets are decorated with red lanterns, symbolizing happiness, and firecrackers are lit to ward off demons. Traditional lion and dragon dance performances are also organized on the island, mainly in the Chinatown district of Port-Louis, but also in many shopping centers.



Eid-Ul-Fitr is a Muslim religious holiday. It marks the end of Ramadan. The date of this festival is based on the Muslim lunar calendar and therefore changes every year. On this special day, Muslim Mauritians go to the mosque dressed in new clothes. Then they gather with their families, exchange gifts and enjoy traditional dishes such as Briani, with friends, neighbors and those in need


In Mauritius, Christmas is celebrated in different ways according to each person's beliefs. Christians go to mass and then, like all other communities, gather with their families to share a traditional dinner and gifts.

Blessed Jacques Désiré Laval

Every September 9, Mauritian Catholics go to Sainte-Croix, near Port-Louis, to pay their respects at the tomb of Father Laval. He was considered the apostle of Mauritians, evangelizing the poorest classes, emancipated blacks and prisoners.


Cultural festivities

Mauritius also showcases its rich and diverse culture, with its music, dance and theater, through various festivities that bring together all communities.

The International Kréol Festival

The International Kréol Festival has been highlighting Mauritian Creole culture every November for the past 10 years. On the program: sega concerts, theater, poetry, regattas, exhibitions, local food tastings...

Chinatown Festival

In Port-Louis, the Chinatown Festival celebrates Chinese-Mauritian cuisine. For two days in April or May, shopkeepers and restaurateurs offer their sweet and savoury specialities to the curious and gourmet alike. Traditional lion dance performances, martial arts acts, Asian music and drumming enliven this joyous, good-natured festival. 

Porlwi by Light

Every year in December, the capital Port-Louis is decked out in light installations and captivating artistic creations (concerts, dances, exhibitions...). A magical experience not to be missed!

The Constance Culinary Festival

The Constance Culinary Festival is the most important gastronomic festival in Mauritius. It was created in 2006 in partnership with Bernard Loiseau and Pierre Hermé and takes place every year in March. This high-profile festival welcomes prestigious, Michelin-starred chefs, pastry chefs and sommeliers for a unique taste experience.

Other cultural events in Mauritius include the Book Festival in October, and the Mauritius International Film Festival, which showcases local and international productions.


Historical commemorations

Mauritius is known for its unique landscapes, but also for its rich past. A French colony from 1715 to 1810, it then became a British colony from 1810 until 1968, when it gained independence. Every year, on March 12, Mauritius celebrates this historic day.

The National Day

March 12 is a very important day for all Mauritians, whatever their community, as it is the national day. On March 12, 1968, Mauritius became independent after many years of British colonization.  To mark the occasion, the capital Port-Louis organizes a grand ceremony with parades, shows, concerts, dances, sega music and other entertainment, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.


Sporting events

With its exceptional climate and scenery, Mauritius is also a great playground for amateur and professional sportsmen and women. Numerous and varied competitions are organized here. As these are open to all, it's the perfect opportunity to discover the most popular sporting events.

Dragonboat Festival

The Dragonboat Festival is celebrated at the end of May by the Chinese community to honor the memory of the famous Chinese poet, Qu Yuan. During this sporting celebration, several teams compete in a race of traditional dragon boats on the water at the Caudan Waterfront.

Indian Ocean Island Games

This major sporting competition is not confined to Mauritius (and Rodrigues), as it is held every four years, alternating with Madagascar, the Seychelles and Réunion. The event brings together the best athletes from the Indian Ocean islands, competing in various disciplines such as swimming and athletics.

The Maiden Cup

This 2,400-meter race takes place in September at the Champ-de-Mars racecourse in Port-Louis. Chique and popular, it offers a real spectacle both on the track and in the stands.

Dodo Trail

In July, it's time for the Dodo Trail: a race that crosses Mauritius from south to west, attracting a large number of participants. A total of 4 trails are on offer, suitable for all levels.



The AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open

The Afrasia Bank Mauritius Open is an Indian Ocean event tournament. Launched in 2015 as the first global tournament tri-sanctioned by the Sunshine Tour, European Tour and Asian Tour. The European Tour was later renamed the DP World Tour and today, the AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open is an Order of Merit event co-sanctioned by the DP World Tour and the Sunshine Tour.

Numerous other golf tournaments and sporting events are organized throughout Mauritius every year: the Island Marathon (through the coastal villages), several trails open to all (Royal Raid, the Raidlight Ultra Trail, Ferney Trail) or the C Kite Festival bringing together the best riders.

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