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Anbalaba continues its participation in the community life of the village!

Anbalaba continues its participation in the community life of the village!

For several months, Anbalaba has partnered with the Mauritian NGO DRIP to encourage the creation of a community platform in Baie du Cap.

18 May 2022

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ile maurice

Change of life in Mauritius: the dream within reach

Leaving everything behind and changing your life in Mauritius is a dream for many people. For some, it is a reality!

23 Mar 2022

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green roof

Villa With Green Roof: the Ecological Advantage of the Pomelo Villa

A villa with a green roof offers many advantages.

22 Feb 2022

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Our team wishes you a joyous 2022!

11 Jan 2022

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villa prestige ile maurice

Prestige Villa in Mauritius : The Serin du Cap Villa

Anbalaba presents its new prestige villa in Mauritius!

08 Dec 2021

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golf lagon ile maurice

Golf in Mauritius: a dream setting for all enthusiasts

Golf in Mauritius is an institution!

24 Nov 2021

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Anbalaba's landscaping

Anbalaba's landscaping, by Louis Thompson from Nomadic Resorts

Nomadic Resorts' CEO Louis Thompson, designed Anbalaba’s landscaping with a responsible approach and shared environmental values.

26 Oct 2021

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best restaurants in the south of Mauritius

Discover the best restaurants in the south of Mauritius

All food lovers will find their happiness in the south of Mauritius!

08 Oct 2021

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anbalaba apartments

Anbalaba apartments: Discover the most beautiful views over Mauritius’ lagoon

Discover the prestigious Anbalaba apartments and the high-quality services they offer.

14 Sep 2021

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