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  • Rental management in Mauritius: What are the advantages?

Rental management in Mauritius: What are the advantages?

19 Apr 2024


Renowned for its charm, safety and relaxed lifestyle, Mauritius is one of the most popular tourist destinations for travelers from all over the world.


The warm welcome of its people and its exceptional quality of life are unquestionable, and its economy is considered one of the strongest on the African continent.


Mauritius offers a wide range of attractive features, including infrastructure development, a stable political and social context, sunshine and ideal temperatures, heavenly beaches and lush natural surroundings. Are you a homeowner in Mauritius, or interested in becoming one? Discover the advantages of rental management and make the most of your real estate investment!

Owners or future investors, take advantage of the growing demand for seasonal accommodation in Mauritius. Thanks to the many advantages of rental management, you can rapidly increase the value of your real estate investment, benefit from excellent profitability and attractive tax treatment.

Rental management in Mauritius: what are the benefits for investors?

Enjoy your property and the Mauritian way of life when you're there, and rent it out easily and with complete peace of mind the rest of the time!
When you use a rental management service in Mauritius, you benefit from a number of exclusive advantages to enhance the value of your real estate investment and optimize its profitability when you're not occupying your property.

Owners, gain time and peace of mind

Travelling to and from the property, planning entries and exits, taking care of housekeeping and routine maintenance, calling in quality craftsmen, intervening in the event of problems, managing the accounts... These are all time-consuming tasks that often discourage owners who are short of time and availability. This is especially true for owners who don't live on site all year round.

To make the most of these unoccupied periods, why not consider having your property managed by a professional?
Using a rental management service in Mauritius means saving time and effort. By delegating these responsibilities to a rental management professional, you free up precious time and gain peace of mind: even at a distance, your property is in safe hands and guarantees you additional income, without any constraints.

Benefit from real expertise in rental management in Mauritius 

Why use a professional rental manager in Mauritius?

As an expert in real estate in Mauritius and with a thorough knowledge of the local market, you can entrust your property to a specialist who will know how to add value to it, while ensuring day-to-day management and follow-up:

  • Determination of rental rates in line with the Mauritian market
  • Personalized services tailored to your needs
  • Promotion of your property according to desired rental periods
  • Search for quality tenant profiles
  • Drafting of lease and regulatory documents
  • Greeting tenants on arrival and departure
  • Management of routine maintenance and cleaning services
  • Planning work and repairs as required
  • Full concierge service
  • Management of relations with the management company and insurance companies
  • Tenant communication and conflict mediation
  • Rent collection, accounting, tax management, etc.

With rental management fees deducted, you're assured of regular, lucrative income thanks to the excellent rental profitability that is unique to Mauritius, and under highly advantageous tax conditions.

Everything is done to make managing your rental investment as easy as possible!

Rental yields and optimizing your real estate investment in Mauritius

Investing in real estate in Mauritius is often the culmination of a dream, the project of a lifetime. It's true that the assets and charms of the "Paradise Island" are, in themselves, undeniable reasons for wanting to settle here... And thanks to the ever-increasing demand for seasonal rentals, this investment can be quickly and easily optimized.

In fact, the attraction of private rentals in the south of the island means high occupancy rates and excellent rental yields.
Calling on the services of a rental management professional in Mauritius is the ideal solution for maximizing your rate of return. Their expertise and knowledge of the country's specific features enable them to determine the right rental rates, find the best tenant profiles and minimize the risk of vacancies and unpaid rent.

This rental income benefits from reduced taxation, in line with measures taken by the Mauritian government to encourage foreign investment. By estimating and planning maintenance and improvement work on your property in Mauritius, your rental management expert helps it to appreciate in value quickly.

Optimized, your investment can be resold at the right time, under highly advantageous tax conditions and with a handsome tax-free capital gain.

Taxation of your real estate investment in Mauritius

To facilitate and encourage real estate investment in Mauritius, the Mauritian government has gradually introduced a number of tax measures aimed at attracting foreign investors.

Now in force, the PDS, IRS and RES schemes have made it even easier for foreigners to own property in Mauritius.
In addition to easing conditions in terms of surface area or minimum purchase price, they offer foreign investors the benefit of a residence permit and the status of Mauritian tax resident.

What's more, the double taxation treaty signed with several countries, including France since 1980, means that Mauritius can offer numerous tax advantages:

  • Tax on professional and rental income capped at 15%.
  • No social security contributions (CSG/ CRDS)
  • No taxation on dividends
  • No property or council tax
  • Exemption of real estate located in Mauritius from the IFI (Impôts sur la Fortune Immobilière) tax base.
  • Exemption from capital gains tax on the resale of your Mauritius property.
  • Exemption from inheritance tax (if the beneficiaries are resident in Mauritius for tax purposes)

These schemes enable you to invest in real estate in one of the world's most beautiful destinations, taking advantage of its idyllic living environment and particularly favorable tax conditions. 

Getting involved in local Mauritian life

Calling on a rental management service for your property in Mauritius means that many visitors will be able to discover the local hospitality and enjoy the Mauritian way of life.

By promoting your property and reducing vacancies, your rental management professional can maximize occupancy rates during periods when you're away.

In addition to ensuring an excellent rental return, the presence of these numerous visitors is a source of extremely valuable economic spin-offs for the local population:

  • Small shopkeepers and craftsmen
  • Catering professionals and employees
  • Tourism professionals and employees
  • Local authorities and public services
  • And of course local associations, schools and sports clubs, who also benefit positively from the economic manna represented by the development of tourism in the south of Mauritius.

Investing in vacation rentals in Mauritius means supporting the economic development of local communities, while at the same time enhancing the value of an exceptional real estate investment.

Anbalaba, an exceptional estate for your rental property investment in Mauritius

Located in the south of Mauritius, in the heart of the fishing village of Baie du Cap and surrounded by mountains and a turquoise lagoon, Domaine d'Anbalaba enjoys a privileged location in the heart of nature.


Domaine d'Anbalaba's peaceful, authentic atmosphere, unspoilt environment and top-of-the-range property features make it the perfect choice for a highly profitable real estate investment. They guarantee an excellent rental return, in line with ambitious environmental objectives in terms of sustainable development.

Anbalaba rental management


Domaine d'Anbalaba markets bioclimatic and luxury villas, apartments and building plots. It also offers several tourist facilities such as an ecolodge, spa, restaurant, etc.

The real estate program is one of the best real estate investment opportunities in Mauritius, with a 5.5% rental yield and a 50% occupancy rate.
To optimize its buyers' property investments, Domaine d'Anbalaba offers a full range of rental management solutions. Our professionals take charge of every stage in the rental of your property, according to its availability, and offer a range of services tailored to your needs.

Discover all our rental management services in Mauritius

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