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  • The south of Mauritius, a pearl between lagoon and mountain

The south of Mauritius, a pearl between lagoon and mountain

27 Feb 2024


The southern region of Mauritius boasts some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world, with its translucent lagoon, hidden coves and beaches, waterfalls, mountains, imposing cliffs, vast ocean, typical villages and sugarcane fields as far as the eye can see.

Its unspoilt nature and peaceful ambience far from the hustle and bustle have earned it its nickname: "The Wild South". Overflowing with treasures and activities, it is a delight for lovers of hiking, water sports, peace and authenticity. Set a course for the riches of southern Mauritius!

The south of Mauritius, a true jewel in the rough

The South of Mauritius stands out from other parts of the island for its tranquility, its gentle way of life and its abundant environment. It's a true gem in its "raw" state, timeless and exotic, far removed from mass tourism and large hotel complexes. It's not for nothing that it attracts enthusiasts of sustainable development and eco-responsible tourism.

South Mauritius: unique charm in the heart of unspoilt nature

champs de cannes à sucre à l'ile maurice 

Seduced by the region's assets, the Domaine d'Anbalaba has made it its home, offering residents an idyllic living environment in close proximity to nature. Its villas and apartments are popular with investors seeking authenticity.

The landscapes of southern Mauritius are sublime and stand out for their singular character: waterfalls, a peaceful lagoon and rough ocean, wild virgin beaches, mountains, cliffs, fishing villages, nature reserves, colorful dunes... Its fauna and flora are priceless and can be easily observed everywhere. 

The wild south of Mauritius can be explored on foot, by car, by bike... or even on the water.

In addition to its exceptional natural beauty, the south of Mauritius is also home to a number of sites that bear witness to its history, including temples and old colonial houses.

Another notable difference with other regions is that the south has the fewest inhabitants. Popular towns in southern Mauritius include Bel Ombre, Souillac, Mahébourg, Riambel and Chemin Grenier.

Parmi les villes populaires du sud mauricien, citons Bel Ombre, Souillac, Mahébourg, Riambel ou encore Chemin Grenier.

Must-see spots in the south of Mauritius

Sheltered from the tourist hustle and bustle of other parts of the island, the south of Mauritius is no less attractive for all that. In fact, it's overflowing with places, each as sublime as the next:

Magnificent sites

Morne Brabant

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Le Morne Brabant is one of the highlights of southern Mauritius. Rising to an altitude of 555 metres, this mountain is known as the place of memory of the slave-owning period in Mauritius. It can be discovered on foot (allow 3 hours for the ascent) and offers a sublime panorama over a turquoise lagoon. Its beach is considered one of the most beautiful on the island.

The Baie du Cap route

Baie du Cap, where Domaine d'Anbalaba is located, is a charming fishing village. It's a great place to stroll and soak up the serene atmosphere. Baie du Cap is home to the Macondé promontory, one of the most photographed spots in Mauritius, on one of the most beautiful roads in the world! The famous Macondé rock offers a breathtaking view of the ocean.

Rochester Falls

This intimate, uncrowded site is one of a kind: you have to cross fields of sugar cane to get there, then you can jump over the 10-metre waterfall or swim in the translucent water, surrounded by cliffs.


A typical village, Chamarel is home to one of Mauritius's star attractions: the Land of 7 Colors. This fabulous site is made up of multicolored dunes and a waterfall nestled in the heart of a tropical forest.

The sacred lake of Grand Bassin

Grand Bassin is the largest Hindu site in Mauritius, set in the heart of an abundance of nature. Colonies of monkeys living in the forests around the lake are a common sight. A huge statue of Shiva (33 metres high) stands at the entrance to the site. Hindu temples are open to pilgrims and visitors alike.

Villages that exude a gentle way of life and authenticity


A historic town, Mahébourg is well worth a visit. It is home to a manioc cookie factory, which you can visit, museums (such as the Naval Museum), a renowned market and a lively fair (every Monday). Its atmosphere is ideal for relaxation and idleness.

Bel Ombre

A peaceful, tranquil village, Bel Ombre is bordered by forest and a golden beach with turquoise waters. Here you'll also find charming hotels and luxury villas.

Black River Gorges National Park

The Gorges de la Rivière-Noire National Park will delight lovers of lush vegetation and hiking. With its waterfalls and forest of exceptional flora and fauna (over 300 species), this site is well worth a visit.

Vanille Nature Park

This magnificent park is home to turtles, crocodiles, monkeys, geckos, iguanas, wild boars and a multitude of butterflies...

Ile aux Aigrettes

Located 800 meters from Mahébourg, Ile aux Aigrettes is a nature reserve home to endemic animals and plants not found on the main island, such as giant tortoises and the Telfair skink. This islet can be reached in just a few minutes by boat.


Domaine Saint-Aubin and Domaine des Aubineaux

On one side, Domaine Saint-Aubin, a former colonial home transformed into a museum dedicated to sugar cane and vanilla. On the other, the Domaine des Aubineaux, a former colonial residence converted into a museum retracing the history of its inhabitants, with rum and tea tastings. Museums as beautiful as they are fascinating.

Mahébourg Naval and History Museum

This museum plunges you into the history of Mauritius, from its discovery by the Portuguese in the 16th century. It is housed in the Château Gheude, a national historic building dating from 1772.

Robert Edward Hart Museum

Nestled in the narrow streets of Souillac, this house museum houses the works and personal memorabilia of the famous Mauritian poet Robert Edward Hart. The artist's former home, built of coral stone, La Nef has been open to the public since 1967.

Sports activities in the south of Mauritiu

The south of Mauritius is a fantastic playground for thrill-seekers, hikers and colorful seafarers.

Water sports

Kitesurfing is king in Mauritius. It has to be said that all the ingredients are in place for a serene ride: steady winds, a shallow, warm lagoon...

The south of Mauritius boasts some of the most beautiful and trendiest kitesurfing spots on the island: 

  • Le Morne: this kitesurfing spot is considered the most beautiful in Mauritius. It caters for all levels: beginners can ride on the peaceful lagoon, while expert riders can have a blast on the ocean side with waves and views of Morne Brabant.
  • Riambel: a magnificent kitesurfing spot in the village of Riambel. Beware, however: due to a strong current, this spot is not recommended for beginner kitesurfers.
  • Baie du Cap/Bel Ombre: with a large, shallow and calm lagoon, this spot is perfect for intermediate to expert levels.
  • Pointe d'Esny: whether you're a novice or a seasoned kitesurfer, this spot offers optimal conditions in the heart of a lagoon protected by a coral reef.

In addition to kitesurfing, you can also go stand-up paddling, surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, water skiing or wakeboarding.


With its natural landscapes as grandiose as they are varied, the south of Mauritius boasts some sublime hikes, including :

The Ferney Valley

The Vallée de Ferney is densely vegetated, with endemic trees and numerous animal species. It lends itself well to hiking, either alone or with a guide.

Gris-Gris and the Roche-qui-pleure

Along the Gris-Gris beach, this beautiful marine hike takes in several kilometers of coastline. The setting is strikingly reminiscent of Brittany: towering black cliffs, wave-splashing rocks (hence the name "la Roche-qui-pleure") and a rough ocean (due to the absence of a reef).

Lion Mountain

Culminating at an altitude of 480 metres, Lion Mountain (whose shape is reminiscent of an elongated lion) offers an 8 km hike, combining walking and climbing, in the heart of lush natural surroundings. At the summit, a magnificent panorama of the southern islets, lagoon and sugarcane fields awaits you.

Diving and snorkeling
The south of Mauritius boasts a fabulous seabed, which can be admired with a mask and snorkel or by scuba diving.

Blue Bay Marine Park

This lagoon, considered one of the island's finest snorkeling spots and still untouched by fishing, is home to an unspoilt seabed of sublime aquatic species and unique coral gardens. Thanks to its translucent, calm, shallow waters, the Blue Bay lagoon is the perfect place for snorkeling and contemplating butterfly fish, as well as turtles and dolphins further offshore.

Le Morne

Le Morne boasts several excellent scuba diving sites. On the program: a dive outside the coral reef, encountering a wealth of tropical marine life.


golf à l'île maurice

The south of Mauritius boasts some superb golf courses, including :

Heritage Golf Club

Located in Bel Ombre, 3 minutes from Domaine d'Anbalaba, on a former sugarcane field, the Heritage Golf Club boasts two golf courses spread over 100 hectares. The beauty and uniqueness of the setting are captivating: rolling slopes, the Citronniers and Saint-Martin rivers, century-old trees, the nearby Château de Bel Ombre... For the record, it ranks among the "World's Top 100 Luxury Golf Resorts" and is located "along a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve".

Paradis Golf Club

Less technical than its predecessor, this golf course boasts lush natural surroundings and breathtaking views over the lagoon.

Relaxation, calm and serenity on the most beautiful beaches in southern Mauritius

The beaches of Mauritius are world-renowned. The south of Mauritius is no exception to the rule, with its sublime beaches. These are distinguished by their wilder charm and more peaceful atmosphere than beaches in other regions.

Beaches of Le Morne

With the Morne Brabant mountain in the background, Le Morne beach offers an exceptional setting. Its warm, crystal-clear water, water sports and unique sunsets make it particularly attractive.

Plage de la Prairie

Located close to Plage du Morne, Plage de la Prairie is less popular than Plage du Morne, but just as beautiful. Its stunning seabed makes it an ideal snorkeling spot.

Gris-Gris beach

Unlike its predecessors, this beach is not suitable for swimming or snorkeling, due to its rough ocean and lack of a coral reef. It does, however, offer a superb spectacle with its pretty coves and black cliffs on which powerful waves break.

Falaise de Gris-Gris à l'île Maurice

Blue Bay Beach

Its emerald-blue lagoon (hence the name) is perfect for swimming, snorkeling or taking a glass-bottomed boat out to explore the seabed.

Pointe d'Esny Beach

Intimate and hidden, this pretty beach is considered one of the wildest in Mauritius. Little known, its access is less easy than the others. You'll have to follow a 150-metre path, accessible from the road. Nevertheless, it's well worth spending a morning or afternoon here (no shady areas in sight!). Its gentle tranquility and turquoise lagoon contribute to its enchanting setting.

Rivière des Galets beach

This beach stands in stark contrast to the others. And with good reason: it's not white sand but thousands of pebbles, making it unique on Mauritius. A renowned surfing spot, it exudes a soothing atmosphere conducive to relaxation and contemplation.

Living in the south at Domaine d'Anbalaba

Kitesurf in mauritius

As a result, the south of Mauritius offers many natural and wild gems, as well as a variety of activities and beautiful beaches.

Domaine d'Anbalaba is the new living space developed for foreign investors and Mauritian buyers in the south of Mauritius. It is the only real estate development on the island to be integrated into a fishing village.
A committed player, Domaine d'Anbalaba works for the economic and social development of Baie du Cap through its foundation, and works with architects to conserve endemic tropical nature and preserve the region's ecosystem.

Don't miss your chance to invest in a unique adventure!

Discover the Anbalaba lifestyle
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