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    Of course, living at Anbalaba, means enjoying the rare privilege of owning an exceptional property in a magical setting. But it is also an opportunity to reconnect with a part of oneself and to discover the true face of Mauritius, the star and the key of the Indian Ocean.

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How to support mauritius, its people and its biodiversity against the damage caused by the oil spill ?

Following the sinking of a foreign ship in late July, an oil spill has affected Mauritius’ southeastern coast since last August 6th. The shipwreck is expected to remain off the coast for some time to ...

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Anbalaba is deeply connected to the Baie du Cap village and its inhabitants. The project therefore runs a foundation dedicated entirely to improving their living conditions and supporting local talent...

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Sustainable Development

« Anbalaba » has been designed to blend as seamlessly as possible into the authentic, unspoiled landscape of Baie du Cap. In addition to the project’s aesthetic, in perfect harmony with Mauritian arc...

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Anbalaba’s terraced houses offer pleasant living spaces of over 200 m2 with three bedrooms on plots measuring 600 m2.

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If you are a golfing enthusiast, Mauritius is the destination for you. The island boasts eight 18-hole courses and three nine-holes courses, some world-renowned, as well as ideal playing conditions th...

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Kite / Paddle

Kitesurfing is having a moment as the world’s most popular water sport, it consists of gliding over the water on a board while being pulled by a sail in the form of a kite. This sport is hugely popula...

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Hunting / Fishing

Thanks to its location in Mauritius’ southwestern region, Anbalaba is ideal for fishermen and huntsmen alike. It is surrounded by the island’s most beautiful hunting areas and provides direct access t...

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Anbalaba Village

« Anbalaba », a genuine place of life and harmony Located in the heights of Baie du Cap and open to both the IRS’ residents and inhabitants of the local area, this village within a village sets itsel...

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