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  • Conférence le 19 mars 2019 à Nice : S’Installer à l’Ile Maurice

March 19, 2019 Conference in Nice: Settling in Mauritius

04 Feb 2019


The Anbalaba team is pleased to welcome you in Nice on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 from 18:30, followed by a cocktail party, in partnership with WABG Avocats & Associés and Rosemont International. This special evening dedicated to Mauritius will show you what awaits newcomers moving to the country. 

Interested? Contact us by clicking here.

Conference le 19 mars 2019

Settling in Mauritius with Rosemont International

Rosemont International provides a comprehensive multidisciplinary service to individuals and their families and can contribute to the structuring and administration of a client's financial world in the best possible fashion.

With offices in strategic locations including Mauritius, Rosemont can provide an integrated service covering the client’s important areas of interest, including:

  • Tax, estate and business planning
  • Asset structuring, management and administration support
  • Onshore and offshore corporate and fiduciary activities

Their team of qualified and experienced professionals can assist you, your family, and your business. Accountants, attorneys, trust and tax advisors can help guide you through the intricacies of the modern tax and estate planning requirements in the jurisdictions where you reside, operate and hold assets.

As independent providers of Multi-Family Office services since 1981, they manage assets, trusts and corporations for multiple families. Their wide range of services includes tax and estate planning, accounting and reporting, risk management, objective financial counsel, financial reporting, trust management, professional coordination and foundation management. Personal services such as managing properties, yachts, domestic staff or crew, making travel arrangements, organizing visas and residence permits are also provided as support services for anyone moving to Mauritius.

The professionals at Rosemont are personally and actively involved in the administration of activities in various sectors and locations. As such, they have first-hand experience with operational, regulatory and financial issues that entrepreneurs deal with. They act creatively and proactively in the interests of the client.


And the firm WABG Avocats & Associés

The ‘human-scaled’ firm of WABG Avocats & Associés has evolved considerably since its creation in 1957. Today, the firm benefits from the specific skills of each of its lawyers and jurists.This cabinet has the distinctive feature of having established true teamwork to solve legal issues, many of which would otherwise be difficult to manage by a single professional.

Becoming a WABG Avocats & Associés client is gaining access to a team that will support you and strive to find solutions tailored to your situation. In most cases, the intervention of many legal sectors is required, and the synergy of a united and multidisciplinary team often makes all the difference. Matters big or small require interactions in more than one legal sector to anticipate issues that could occur over a shorter or longer period.

Your matrimonial regime or estate planning can influence decisions made when creating, transforming or selling your business.

 The WABG firm can fully support you in your decision to settle in Mauritius by analyzing your situation and providing a smooth transition.




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