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  • Purchase an off-plan property in Mauritius but visit it first.

Purchase an off-plan property in Mauritius but visit it first.

12 Nov 2018


Anbalaba offers exceptional properties in Mauritius; villas, houses or apartments with a Performance Bond underwritten at the Mauritius Commercial Bank.

Yes, you can purchase an off-plan property in Mauritius, but with the ability to virtually visit it right away.

We modeled the 15 hectares of land used to develop the new real estate program in Mauritius, Anbalaba. Thanks to the digital modeling of the land located on the side of the Baie du Cap hill with its incredible views of the lagoon and the ocean, we were able to virtually position every house, villa and apartment in the area.

Visit our Baie du Cap office and take a virtual walk on the entire property program thanks to our new software. Visit different properties and discover the view you will get to enjoy on your terrace.

Buying an Anbalaba house in Mauritius is more than an investment plan. We offer our clients the opportunity to visit Anbalaba and its properties. This service also helps our customers assess the indoor spaces and make some changes before construction starts.

And in November, we will start construction of the first Anbalaba house... So, on top of visiting a virtual version of your future home, you will also be able to visit our first achievements.

The virtual model was developed by the Three Motions agency in Mauritius by using drone pictures, to which were integrated the architectural plans, then reworked internally by Jasheel, famous for his beautiful landscape pictures of Mauritius.

Anbalaba is the only real estate program in Mauritius to offer beautiful views of the lagoon and the ocean.


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