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  • Access roads are taking shape

Access roads are taking shape on the Anbalaba construction site!

13 Jul 2022


The Anbalaba villas will be delivered in August as soon as the construction of the access roads are completed.

During the month of July, 75% of the roads were paved. It is expected that the paving will be completed during the coming weeks. In this way, the construction of the infrastructures works will be completed and the domaine will be fully accessible. Thus, the Anbalaba units will finally be connected to water and electricity, to welcome the first homeowners.

In the meantime, find out how the roads are shaping up on the hill of Baie du Cap!

L'entreprise Sotravic s'occupe des infrastructures et de la viabilisation d'Anbalaba

To build these new access roads, Anbalaba has chosen one of the leaders in the Mauritian infrastructure market: the company Sotravic. This company delivers projects throughout the Indian Ocean.


  • 1,5 km

    of roads being paved

  • 5 villas,

    18 apartments and 6 building Plots currently under construction

  • 1st phase

    of the construction site delivered in August

Chantier Anbalaba

Nitin GOPAL, Director of Development at Anbalaba Resort, talks about his new access roads:

Chantier Anbalaba

« When the compaction of crusher run starts as well as landscaping, it is always a relief that we are approaching the end of infra works, which implies the beginning of other phases »

Discover the work progress of Anbalaba villas as well as the access roads in this video:


Last opportunity! Villa Pomelo:

Domaine d'Anbalaba - dernière villa à vendre !

Only one more Pomelo villa is available for sale: the Pomelo M31.

This sumptuous villa is ideally located on the road leading to Anbalaba Village on the west. It offers a spectacular view of the lagoon of Baie du Cap while being close to the amenities and animations of the village.

The different spaces of the villa have been designed to promote the well-being and comfort of the inhabitants. The 3 bedrooms and the spacious living rooms favour conviviality and living with the rhythm of the seasons and the landscape. The living room is open onto a beautiful terrace, which extends to an azure blue pool, whose reflections recall the colour of the sky and the ocean. The garden is composed of various tropical plants specific to Mauritius: serenity assured in an environment suitable for relaxation!

Visit one of the finished Pomelo villas
Domaine d'Anbalaba - dernière villa à vendre !

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