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Thanks to its location in Mauritius’ southwestern region, « Anbalaba » is ideal for fishermen and huntsmen alike. 

It is surrounded by the island’s most beautiful hunting areas and provides direct access to the best fishing spots. It all happens in the southwest!



Mauritius is surprising in more ways than one. Few people know that its mountain woodlands are home to several thousand Javan Rusa deer, who have played a crucial role in the island’s history. The deer even grace the national coat of arms, alongside the now extinct and legendary dodo.

The deer’s presence on the island dates back to 1630. The Dutch, who colonised Mauritius at the end of the 16th century, imported Javan Rusa as a means of supplying their ships with meat. Taking advantage of the absence of fences, the deer invaded the forests in the island’s mountainous centre and reproduced abundantly. Today, deer are raised for hunting in most of the island’s forested areas, with the exception of its national parks. The hunting season runs from June to September. It is an opportunity to discover Mauritius’ unique habitats and observe rare and astonishing species in their natural environment. The rest of the year, hunting enthusiasts can hunt for wild boar, a small species of domesticated pig that has returned to the wild in Mauritius, as well as for pheasants and hares in certain areas.

Anbalaba is surrounded by several game reserves (Frederica, Fantaisie, Saint-Felix) and is perfect for lovers of the hunt. Come and discover the delights of Mauritian hunting.



Deep-sea fishing

Mauritius is an exceptional destination for sports fishing. Its waters teem with blue and black marlin, emperor red snapper, sea bream, swordfish, barracuda and tuna, making the island one of the world’s best destinations for big-game fishing. Full day and half-day excursions are available – adrenaline rush guaranteed.

When you get up at dawn in Anbalaba and set off in the company of Baie du Cap fishermen or professionals such as JPH Charters, you’ll spend an unforgettable day at sea trying to hook the biggest fish ever caught, in the knowledge that several records have previously been broken in Mauritius!


On the lagoon

You needn’t go out to sea to enjoy excellent fishing. Those who would rather combine a day on the water with a spot of fishing can remain in the lagoon and discover traditional local methods including pot and line-fishing. This activity is particularly popular with Baie du Cap fishermen, who will be delighted to take you out on their wooden pirogues, introduce you to their craft and share their love of the sea.


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