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  • Kitesurf / Paddle

Kitesurf / Paddle


Kitesurfing and Stand-up paddle, the two most famous activities around Baie du Cap.


Kitesurfing is practiced on windy days, and the Stand-Up Paddle on quiet days. Thus these two sports are already very popular at the Morne beach which has been renamed the Kite-Lagoon and is only a few minutes away from « Anbalaba ».

  • Kite Jam entre Bel Ombre et le Morne

  • Paddle en famille sur le lagon

  • Saut exceptionnel en kite

  • Paddle sur le lagon

  • Cours de Kite au Kite Lagoon

  • Kite vent et soleil


Kitesurfing is having a moment as the world’s most popular water sport. It consists of gliding over the water on a board while being pulled by a sail in the form of a kite. This sport is hugely popular in Mauritius and more specifically in Le Morne, which offers the perfect conditions for kitesurfing: a crystalline lagoon, steady breeze and a setting of extraordinary natural beauty. The Morne beach has in fact been renamed the “Kite Lagoon” and is only a few minutes away from Anbalaba.

The Mauritian southwest is an ideal – and safe – playground for kitesurfing fans. Its exceptional lagoons, pleasant temperatures year-round and natural charm and beauty seduce each and every visitor. It is therefore only natural that kitesurfing enthusiasts organise races between the exceptional beaches of Bel Ombre and Le Morne, the better to enjoy the winds that caress this coast and its reefs.

Baie du Cap is perfectly positioned between these two kitesurfing hotspots and will soon be an additional starting point for water-sport aficionados. Anbalaba will host the island’s best kitesurfing schools, so you can take lessons and enjoy outings and events throughout the year. Welcome to Baie du Cap, the latest kitesurfing hotspot for amateurs and professionals alike!


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Mauritius is a real paradise for stand-up paddle and is much-loved by those who practice this thriving sport. With its ideal water temperatures, transparent lagoon, breath-taking natural setting and sublime white sandy beaches, the island wants for nothing to offer the perfect paddle experience. A highly accessible sport, stand-up paddle is practiced standing on a board which you propel forward with a paddle. It’s perfect for a gentle excursion on the water, with family or friends, whether they are paddle novices or pros. The clear and calm waters of the Mauritian lagoon are ideal for a peaceful paddle at your own pace while taking in the breath-taking scenery.

In its sportier incarnation, stand-up paddle is a close cousin to surfing and consists of catching waves while standing on the board. It’s easier than classic surfing but allows riders to experience the same sensations, with the additional challenge of having to keep their balance. Stand-up paddle can also be used for races, either individually or in teams. In Mauritius, thrill seekers can even negotiate rivers on their boards, discovering the island from a completely different perspective. 

Whether you want to learn the sport or are an experienced rider, Anbalaba is your new go-to location for stand-up paddle. Far from the tourist throng, the Baie du Cap lagoon is the perfect playground and just the place for beautiful excursions on the sea at sunset. If you prefer catching a few waves on your paddle, you will have to go just a little further, to Tamarin bay, to indulge in your passion.


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