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Do you enjoy swimming? Anbalaba offers numerous opportunities to take a dip, whether in a swimming pool, the turquoise lagoon of Baie du Cap or the ocean!

At the heart of Anbalaba-Village is a superb swimming pool complex, dedicated to children and parents and at your disposal throughout the year. It’s the perfect place to meet friends for a drink, swim a few laps or lounge on a deckchair. Meanwhile, your children will enjoy age-appropriate water games including water slides, toboggans and magic fountains.

Below the complex, the lagoon and its reefs and the ocean beyond offer enough water activities to quench even the most ardent thirst for adventure.

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Mauritius boasts over 150 kilometres of discontinuous reef, 36 coral species and more than 600 species of fish, some of them endemic. It is therefore often possible to experience exceptional encounters or discoveries when snorkelling with a mask and tuba. Baie du Cap’s inhabitants are deeply committed to protecting their lagoon and its riches. Its fishermen cherish the sea and will be delighted to share their knowledge of the underwater world.


Deep sea diving

If – in addition to admiring the lagoon and its coral reefs from the heights of Anbalaba – diving enthusiasts want to take the plunge, all they need do is pay a visit to the diving clubs and schools located in Anbalaba-Village. Our expert divers will help them discover the countless underwater wonders of Baie du Cap and the surrounding area. Beyond the coral reef, they can admire the hypnotic drop-offs and explore a large number of caves and a few wrecks. Within the lagoon, they stand every chance of coming across beautiful specimens of pelagic fish: sharks, rays, turtles, barracuda...



If you are passionate about sea life, head to Le Morne to swim with the dolphins who spin and leap through the turquoise waters of the bay every day. You’ll see two distinct species:


  • Spinner dolphins, who rest and play in the shallow waters of the bay in the morning, and return to the depths to hunt and feed in the afternoon. These dolphins generally live in groups of 10 to 100 individuals; and
  • Bottlenose dolphins, made famous by Flipper, who tend to live in small groups. Males and females live separately and come together during mating seasons. They are by far the gentlest of dolphin species and happily approach swimmers.

You can also meet the other majestic species that inhabit the Mauritian lagoon: the green turtle, which owes its colour to the algae it eats, and the hawksbill turtle, which measures 60 to 100 centimetres in length and can weigh up to 75 kilos.


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