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Buy a villa in Mauritius : Enjoy the sea life!

19 Feb 2018


When we choose to buy a villa in Mauritius, we prepare ourselves to live wonderful days on the lagoon or in the Indian Ocean. And when we buy a villa in Anbalaba in Baie du Cap with an exceptional view over this wonderful lagoon, we definitely go for a boat ride in the early morning!

So on the 1st of February, Mauritius Abolition of Slavery holiday, we took the boat at 7:30 am. The weather was exceptional and we roamed along the coast between Bel Ombre and Baie du Cap where we saw turtles, manta ray, starfish, and a wide variety of fish. Then, we took off and, just behind the wreck of the Trevessa, we had the chance to meet the famous little dolphins. We dipped in the water to see them better and swam a little with them while respecting the Code of conduct:


(a) The approach should always be done in parallel with the dolphins group, and the speed should be reduced.


(b) While observing dolphins, engines must be switched off.


(c) It is strictly forbidden to approach dolphins within 50 meters.


(d) It is strictly forbidden to obstruct the course of dolphins when arriving in front of them or behind.


(e) It is strictly forbidden to make noise with the intention of attracting, feeding, or throwing other objects at dolphins.


(f) It is strictly forbidden to try to hang on to dolphins to swim.

Discover the video and imagine your new way of life if you buy a villa in Mauritius.

Buy a villa in Mauritius and live a dream life: go on a boat with friends enjoy the lagoon, its extraordinary treasures, and swim with the dolphins Souffleur who live in small groups and are less fierce than the Longs Becs .


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