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  • The Mauritius real estate program Anbalaba builds its sample house in 2019

The Mauritius real estate program Anbalaba builds its sample house in 2019

07 Jul 2020


Beyond love-at-first-sight for an Indian Ocean island or a real estate program in Mauritius, the deciding factor to buy a villa must come from the certainty of a good quality of life offered by its residence. Anbalaba’s sample house exemplifies these projections of a future leisure destination in many areas.

Beauty of the property, domestic comfort and calm surroundings are the key components that are sought after by individuals looking to invest in an exceptional real estate program in Mauritius. Common throughout the selection of Anbalaba models, the details in the Pomelo des Terraces sample villa reflects the attention given to the well-being of its inhabitants

Nature and scenery, essential gateways

  • The exceptional view over the lagoon that slips beyond the reef is outstanding and a major seduction asset. This significant advantage is made possible thanks to Baie du Cap’s sloping grounds, which the architect used to position the Anbalaba Terraces villas atop. Besides its unobstructed view on the lagoon, the sample house is complimented by the surrounding lush green nature. The patio and garden’s beautiful, yet subtle layout reflects this. To bring these areas to life, Anbalaba reached out to landscape architect Ashvin Mooneeram to create arrangements of controlled nature with white and blue plants, that remind the colours of the sky and the sea.

Indoor comfort from all angles

  • Comfort is another key word that defines the sample villa, a house of 200 m² living space, designed on one level, built around a patio and extended by a beautiful terrace. Its three bedrooms, including a master suite with a view over the swimming pool and its warm living areas offer an open-area kitchen and dining room that provide everyday comfort. The villa adorns the L’Âme Créole interior decoration package chosen by the Morphos architectural and design firm, which combines stunning design and touches of bright colour. Both inventive and subtle, this decoration celebrates the Mauritian spirit while providing a well-controlled visual harmony. Purchasing a villa in Mauritius is all about being one with an open-door lifestyle that invites you to stay outside at all hours. While rooms are equipped with air conditioners, they are mostly used to eliminate moisture during periods of rain.

Ventilation and insulation, framework of an intelligent concept

  • The sample villa integrates an optimized natural ventilation design, developed by heating engineers of the French engineering firm Integral, which attracts fresh air to maintain a healthy atmosphere. Insulation is a vital part of modern buildings; here, it is more tropical, with one of its strengths residing in the materials used on the roof and the shadows created by vegetation running along its side walls. Lastly, the willingness to save natural resources establishes itself as a true innovative concept for the sample villa. The house is equipped with water-saving sanitary equipment, such as faucets equipped with an aerator and 2X4 litres toilets instead of standard 3X6 litres. Investing in a Mauritius property by purchasing with Anbalaba means experiencing the unparalleled beauty of the most beautiful parts of the island, enjoying the exceptional comfort of your home, all while adopting an environmentally responsible mindset.

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