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TILAKOT: local shopping in Mauritius!

16 Apr 2020


TILAKOT is an local Mauritian address for those who are looking for a nice gift, or an unforgettable memory!

This souvenir shop, located in the village of Anbalaba, is ideal for local shopping in Mauritius! It brings together the best of Mauritian crafts and allows local artists and creators to exhibit in a unique space.

codemer creations

Among the creations found at TILAKOT, there is Codemer. This family jewelry brand was created by Eric Lecourt Billault. His brother, Peter, crafts jewelry in semi precious stones, mounted as pendants, rings, necklaces, and more.

Find unique pieces that will please you at TILAKOT!

Dodo sculptures: the emblematic animal of Mauritius

Handcrafted bags and baskets

Vintage posters depicting the most beautiful landscapes of the island

Did you know? TILAKOT means "la petite côte (the little hill)"! An authentic Mauritian name that fits perfectly the spirit of our shop, which offers you a local shopping experience!

The Kreol Republic: anthology of contemporary Mauritian culture

kreol republic shop

The brand offers 100% Mauritian-made creations: clothing for the whole family, postcards, posters, and more.

Bold graphics, a pinch of humor and an eco-responsible approach… every detail is designed to showcase Mauritian culture.

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kreol republic shop
mosaique tilakot

The colors of Mauritius are honored at TILAKOT

Local shopping in Mauritius is necessarily super colorful! At TILAKOT, you can discover the work of the painter Tikka (right) representing sumptuous Mauritian landscapes and typical scenes of the island’s life.

Also, come admire the sunny works of the Mauritian artist Vaco (left)!


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